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Our Core Values

        It's our commitment to conduct this business with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. It's not about making a big score but is about giving each client an outstanding service using biblical principles. We realize we're just managers of what God has entrusted to us and we desire to please Him.

         Ortiz & Associates, Inc. conducts no business on Sundays, Easter weekend, Thanksgiving Day & weekend, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and weekend,in order to focus our attention on worshiping God and enjoying our family and friends.



                        Attorney References

We service many law firms on a weekly basis. We have taken a long time to get to know our client's needs and match those up to the services we offer. We have made it a matter of prayer. We make it a habit of praying to God  for safety for everyone and success in our efforts.

This way of business has brought great success for both us and our clients.

If you any references please ask. We'll be more than happy to put you in direct contact with them.

                      Our Invoicing Policies

Our invoices come to you with terms of "Due Upon Receipt". with full payment expected within 5 days.

If for some reason your firm has a billing cycle more than 5 to 7 days then your services will need to be prepaid like you would pay the courts / Sheriff's Dept.

Please check your SPAM or Junk folders if you can not find the invoice(s) after we attempted to confirm if you've received them.